Monday, 23 June 2014

What became of LocalGovCamp 2014?

LocalGovCamp 2014 was last weekend and judging by the response on Twitter and blogs, it looks like people thought it was a success.

From a personal perspective there were so many people I'd talked to online that I met in person for the first time. There were people I really wanted to chat with but missed or just nodded to as I dashed to a session.  However long the day is, it's never long enough.

I was also proud to organise the Makers Hack Day which around 50 people attended on a work day, and importantly I learned a lot for the next time. I'll post more about this later.

I've already seen blog posts about a coming of age for LocalGov Digital, how LocalGovCamp is vital for disrupting and pushing the sector forward, how LocalGov Digital should have more balls (in fact perhaps Glen Ocsko should have the title "LocalGov Digital Voice of the Balls"), all of which I agree with, so in Makers' style, I wanted to focus on doing stuff.

I've put together a list things people did, started to do, or say they'll do:

I'm sure with Sarah Lay in charge LocalGovCamp 2015 will be a success and the Makers Hack Day and the Local Leaders fringe events showed that attending these types of days can now legitimately be considered part of one's work.

With Cornwall being a days travel for some however, I wanted to put something together for those who'll have to make a case for attending. I want to show that the return on investment of a day out the office, a couple of nights in a cheap hotel and a train ticket is huge, based on the collective output from this weekend.

The list is just the stuff I know about, so there's bound to be a load more, and if you know of something tweet me and I'll add, which I'll then put on the LocalGov Digital website.

Let's document what became of  LocalGovCamp 2014, so that the legacy lives on and helps others to attend or perhaps even run their own, because as Dave Briggs tweeted, "remember - you don't need permission to run your own", just the inspiration to do so.
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